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SME Pulse: Neutral outlook

Score Analysis – August 2021

Confidence relative to July 2021:

  • Overall Score – Up from 36.3 to 40.05; Pessimistic to Neutral

  • Government Policies – Up from 28.75 to 31.06; yet Pessimistic

  • Consumer Behaviour – Up from 41.50 to 47.47, yet Neutral

  • Ease of Access to Finance – Up from 25.50 to 28.79, yet Pessimistic

  • Access to Technology – Down from 45.75 to 44.95, yet Neutral

  • Supply Chain Continuity – Up from 40.00 to 47.98, Pessimistic to Neutral

About the Survey: SME pulse computes an aggregate monthly SME market sentiment score based on crowd psychology and sentiment on business environment influencing performance. Confidence on business environment was assessed based on five key themes:

  • Government Policies – Are government policies on taxation, export, import conducive to business health?

  • Consumer Behaviour – Are changes in consumer behaviors/trends and purchasing patterns, both locally and globally fueling/hampering business demand/growth?

  • Ease of Access to Finance – Is the business able to access finance for growth or working capital management?

  • Access to Technology – Is the business able to access and adopt technology/digital across enterprise and extended supply chain?

  • Supply Chain Continuity – Are there a wide array of suppliers and trading partners to ensure your supply chain continuity?

Method of computation:

Sum of average mean scores of each question were computed as a product of 4 to convert it into an index out of 100. This score that ranges from 20-100 is then standardized to run from 0-100.

Click here to take the survey for September 2021: 6WXwhLvW59aLSFV3RUQkFCTjRFREpSMkc2VUMwMUtCTkhPTEJQUyQlQCN0PWcu