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Ramya Horticulture- A Ceylonese group pre-eminent for propagating an array of tropical foliage

SL@100 is pleased to announce the onboarding of Ramya Horticulture to its list of portfolio companies. Ramya (Pvt) Ltd is a locally rooted connoisseur in nursing and cultivating tropical potted blooming plants and foliage, that has created a novel dimension in exotic planting in Sri Lanka. Ramya is one of the 6 chosen candidates in the second round of selection, out of the 37 applicants that had applied to join our platform. Reinforcing emerging businesses is one of the core aspirations of our platform, and as such, Sri Lanka @100 intends to provide strategic business advisory solutions to Ramya Horticulture, and assist them in achieving operational excellence.

Long run experience of ethical and meticulous nursing- Ramya Horticulture has been growing exotic rooted plants, un-rooted cuttings, cut foliage and tissue culture-raised plants since 1998. Their kempt greenhouses located in Walpita, Wellawa, and Kalugalla conserve the plants from the time they are propagated to when they are tenderly packed for local delivery or shipment. Teams of professionals that nurture the planted foliage assure that all plants are grown to comply with ethical agricultural practices, and are on par with internationally accepted standards. Its years of expertise and long-standing effort to grow the healthiest customized plants is what has equipped the group to be able to cater to foreign markets.

Steering towards progressive growth with an empowered workforce – Ramya Pvt Ltd perceives its employees to be the prime strength and sustenance of the group, with a power to drive them towards their vision of being Sri Lanka’s leading horticulture and plant exporter. They immensely assist women in their workforce to achieve distinct goals and create new opportunities to enhance their skills further. The management of Ramya Horticulture believe that investing in the personal development of employees and concentrating on CSR activities are the core aspects that can lead them towards a progressive future.

It is a privilege to be selected to get advisory service from Stax through the Sri Lanka @100 Programme. Findings and the Recommendations provided to date are most relevant for the improvement and the growth of our Company.”- Director, Thushari Weerakoon

Reaching the spotlight in horticulture through diversified products – Ramya Pvt Ltd has taken a strong lead in the Horticulture industry of Sri Lanka through the range of differentiated products they offer. Their products are categorized as tissue-culture raised plants, rooted and unrooted cuttings, cut foliage and cut flowers. The foliage they grow is scrupulously groomed to perfection to suit any climatic condition. The team considers it vital to nurture the plants with utmost precision, as the millions of tropical ornamental plants they grow are mostly intended for the foreign market.

We, at Sri Lanka @100, aim to encourage and support Ramya Horticulture (Pvt) Ltd to navigate the business and its workforce into the future and assist them in attaining prospective goals by setting a solid foundation to extend to new ventures in the industry.