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Global Wavenet

Global Wavenet is an internationally accredited group that offers innovative software services for telecommunication.

Sri Lanka@100 proudly declares partnering with Global Wavenet, a company that is internationally recognized as a unique IT solutions provider. Wavenet offers simplified IT systems and software solutions relating to telecommunication to clients across multiple industries enabling them to interact and engage with millions of their customers in the best possible way. The proficient software architects of Global Wavenet have successfully orchestrated fully-fledged digital channels relating to mobile and telecommunication to enhance overall technical experience of clients with consumers. Chosen as one of the 6 candidates in the second round of selection out of the 37 applicants that had applied to partner with us, we at SL@100 aim to assist the group in its consistent growth and expedite the process of attaining business goals to thrive in the global market.

Convenient software solutions to multiple industries – Wavenet possesses more than 20 years of experience as a pioneering technology company with a specialized focus on telecommunication solutions. The group concentrates on offering customized IT solutions relating to telecommunication to multiple industries including Health care, Logistics, Mobile Applications and Defense. In order to enhance services it offers to its clients, Wavenet has built novel products to promote ingenuity and create a whole new level of customer satisfaction. Few such systems that were engineered are:

  • Virtual private assistance in self-care – The self-care platform introduced to the public has eased operations of the team as well as its clientele with respect to response speed and customized services.

  • Emergency Response Management System

  • Subscriber Activation System

  • Ideamart IVR Solutions

Living by its motto “We Build Software Today for Your Better Tomorrow” – The team of software architects at Wavenet extend their services from simply building new systems and solutions to even supporting clients with technical issues on telecommunication software. If a client has issues pertaining to poor resource management, repetitive system downtime, higher capital or operating expenditure, difficulty in managing current systems, the team of experts at Wavenet readily provide solutions to rectify and optimize failed systems.

A global presence – Wavenet possesses a global client base in more than 25 countries traversing across Oceania, APAC, Africa, and Latin America. The aim of Global Wavenet’s entry into Sri Lanka is to enrich the services in the Sri Lankan telco industry by offering value addition, fine quality, sustainable solutions and superior customer experience.

A key differentiator in the industry – Wavenet has a competitive edge in the market for the diversity they add to their systems and applications. While the industry, in general, provides ‘hardware only consolidation’, Wavenet integrates it with software and common-licenses.

Empowering employees – The CEO of Wavenet, Mr. Suren Pinto believes that the reputation of the company should be built through continuous support rendered to employees to fulfill their dreams, passion and inspiration, while upscaling performance through development of strong technical know-how.

Wavenet is a company that always believed in exponential growth and our reputation is built on our strong technical credentials, our reliability, flexibility, and my intention was to accelerate expedition with the support of Stax and USAID partnership. As a tech CEO, I foresee that rapid growth is needed to make Sri Lanka a high-income country within 100 years of independence will be fueled by mid-market firms and I really appreciate the efforts taken by SL@100 for launching and extending this support to Sri Lankan companies. As a start, we are working with our implementation partner – Stax consultancy on standardizing and optimizing overall sales process to better improve our sales outcomes and post that we hope to get their support in optimizing the delivery operations as well. I fondly anticipate celebrating SL@100 independence contributing to the inclusive growth enabling all Sri-Lankans to realize their aspirations and to support their dreams.” CEO- Suren Pinto

The relentless effort of the firm to offer best product experiences to clientele and grow in the IT world gives Sri Lanka@100 the confidence that there is significant growth potential that can be unlocked towards reaching excellence in the local and global market.