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Global Vinyl- Sri Lanka’s premium flooring manufacturing group

Sri Lanka’s premium flooring manufacturing group that has set its standards through versatility and excellence.

Sri Lanka@100 announced the onboarding of Global Vinyl (Pvt) Ltd to its list of portfolio companies. Global Vinyl is a budding business that strives to make a revolution in the flooring industry in Sri Lanka through its state-of-the-art, synthetic leather manufacturing and distinctively designed vinyl flooring.

Diverse range of products and projects- Established in the year 2001, Global Vinyl gradually extended its market presence through a variety of products such as synthetic leather, vinyl flooring, sheeting, domestic flooring, and vehicle upholstery. Global Vinyl aims to enhance the quality of its products by creating a sense of confidence among its customers on the longevity and durability of its makes. The featured local assignments the team has taken up at Shangri-La Hotel and General Hospital Colombo showcase their ability to cater to complex, large scale industrial/commercial requirements.

Excellence in modern manufacturing and service -Global Vinyl is equipped with modern manufacturing facilities, designed solely to deliver quality products. The Group has also implemented preservation methods such as Anti-Bacterial treatment, Slip Resistance, Fire resistance, and Scratch resistance to ensure delivery of high quality, durable products perceived as ‘Value for Money’. Global Vinyl has also earned its reputation over the years for winning consumer trust by strict adherence to timely delivery of products.

Reinforcing company values in pursuit of excellence- Global Vinyl is driven by its core values of “Team Work, Respect & Integrity, Focus for Customers, and Commitment to the environment”. The waste PVC that is discarded in the production stage is recycled to reduce potential environmental hazards and they also ensure the safety of animals.

During the manufacturing process. They aim to inculcate ethical business practices from the point of manufacturing the products to serving their customers, surpassing traditional norms of business practices.

Mr. Gane Kumaraswamy, Director of Global Vinyl intends to expand and enhance his family business through sourcing and manufacturing of the best flooring and synthetic leather material, while providing the customers with a range of customized, affordable, and finest quality products that are on par with industrial standards. With Global Vinyl turning out to be a brand that has immense potential to win over its niche markets and become globally competitive, we, at Sri Lanka@100 look forward to assisting them by lending a hand in securing improved access to its markets, and optimizing its sales channels.

“SME businesses often don’t get professional help in growing their business for a variety of reasons. This is why the Sri Lanka@100 platform is such a blessing. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and make the usual mistakes in pursuit of growth. We are looking forward to collaborating with the platform to take our business to the next level with improved efficiency.”- Gane Kumaraswamy