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Damsila Resources - A group that exports mineral reserves to leading countries across the globe

SL@100 is proud to announce the onboarding of Damsila Resources (Pvt) Ltd to its list of portfolio companies. Acclaimed for its distinctive nature of business in the export industry through the exploration of novel possibilities in converting Phlogopite mica into usable flake, scrap, and powdered form, Damsila intends to become a pioneer in the global market for making the earth a better place from natural minerals. Damsila is chosen as one of the 6 candidates in the second round of selection out of the 37 applicants that had applied to partner with SL@100. We aim to support the group to attain its goal of prospering in the global market by providing strategic business advisory solutions and simultaneously creating opportunities to increase revenues through optimized sales.

In pursuit of making the earth a ‘better place’- Striving forward with the vision of transforming earth’s minerals to make an impact in modern civilization while preserving the environment, Damsila stepped into the phlogopite mica export business with the clear-cut vision of giving a new definition to the mineral export business in Sri Lanka. Mr. Arthur Dalpatadu, the Founder of Damsila came to the fore in the year 1969 to supply a variety of mica scrap in a range of mesh sizes with the determination to attract the international market. The skill and expertise in the trade they have showcased over 40 years is testament of their performance in the market.

Consumers across the globe - Revolving around the core interests of mining and exporting of phlogopite mica from Sri Lanka to countries like Japan, China, Germany, Austria, and the USA, Team Damsila works with utmost precision in processing the mica products with the resolve of enhancing the relationships already built with their loyal customers, and to attract prospective parties who express keenness towards their mineral products. Damsila has high regard for quality and timely delivery, and they believe that sticking to their values has contributed to their longstanding relationships with customers across the globe.

High quality mica produced in the form of flakes, scraps and powder is being amply used in multiple industries - Well-equipped and uniquely set-up mica processing plants have enabled Damsila Resources to produce mesh of Phlogopite mica powder and scrap that conform to high quality standards. The mineral resources they produce are amply used in electrical insulation, high-performance plastics, rubber, asphalt roofing, and drilling mud. With the steady growth in the business, they have gradually ventured into silica quartz processing as well, which is used to manufacture high-quality solar panel glass, ceramics, fiber optics, etc.

Investing in high-end technology for ceaseless growth- Damsila has continued to explore new possibilities and improvements to its field by investing in innovative technology. They have succeeded in significantly enhancing the standards of their associate companies via Geographic Information system (GIS) technology and satellite mapping. Mr. Palitha Dalpatadu, Chairman & Managing Director of Damsila Resources holds the notion that incessant growth and productivity of the business lies in advanced technology, hence it is an investment to pursue technologically advanced methods of manufacturing phlogopite mica to ultimately diversify into value-added products to widen reach of the export market.

“Since joining the platform in June, I have worked closely with the Stax Team (mainly Dhanushka

and Niresh).

The level of attention to detail and the professionalism with which the Stax Team has engaged with us to date is notable. Stax was willing to listen to our company’s issues and gain our perspective regarding our methods of operations. The initial strategy audit did not just rely on analyzing our company documents (audit reports, project reports, etc.) to understand our operations. Dhanushka and Niresh travelled to central Sri Lanka and visited our mines and factories. I think these efforts show the commitment of Stax to understand our operations to deliver the best possible business advice to improve our processes. All of us at DRL are highly excited to work with the team at Stax to implement the workstreams proposed in the strategy audit recommendations. I am confident that we will see tangible results from our engagement with Stax and Sri Lanka at 100.” Director (Projects)- Dr. Sandun Dalpatadu.

The determination of Damsila Group to evolve in the global trade gives Sri Lanka@100 the enthusiasm to partner with the team and help them achieve their goal of becoming a top mineral exporting company with access to wider global markets.