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Panther - A group acclaimed for harnessing function-driven modern stationery solutions

2021 ජූලි 19

Panther - A group acclaimed for harnessing function-driven modern stationery solutions
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SL@100 is proud to publicize that we have onboarded Panther to our list of Associate companies. As we move forward with the resolve of bringing...

SL@100 is proud to publicize that we have onboarded the brand Panther, a creation of Javana Graphics Pvt. Ltd. to our list of Associate companies. As we move forward with the resolve of bringing out the best potential in Panther, we are confident that we could help transform Panther into a result-driven, fully-fledged organization that strives to cater to individuals who seek a productive and organized paper-based solution provider.

Paving the way for modern learning- Panther is a Sri Lankan premium stationery solutions group based in Ratmalana Industrial Estate. They offer a vast range of products and services ensuring their utmost safety and appeal to the consumer, especially since Panther primarily caters to school children. The products manufactured by Panther comprise Filing & paper storing products, Office registers and stationery, a colorful range of notebooks & writing pads, and widespread creative educational activities, toys, and games. Their products have a competitive edge over others due to the uniqueness in the way they display and market their products, ultimately making the experience in learning exuberant and uncomplicated for the customers.

A vocation with a purpose- Panther is a family-owned company that was established in 1989 and has made an immense contribution to the Sri Lankan market. Their core values stand out from the rest because the artisans behind the product life cycle are not necessarily recruited based on the level of expertise, but by prioritizing the young school leavers who struggle to continue with their education amidst family or financial difficulties. Panther aims at securing a promising future for these youngsters who have the potential to grow. When such staff is recruited, The Panther group would initially train them in-house to identify their skills, and subsequently, register them for a course in their specific area of interest. The group currently operates with a staff of 100 employees, and nearly 85% of the staff are young school leavers.

Prioritizing customer safety – Complying with EN-71 test standards- Panther gives utmost precedence to the safety features involved with their raw materials and finished goods. Ensuring that the end product reaches the consumer with the highest quality standards is vital for them, given that the majority of Panther’s end-users are most likely children. Panther uses EN-71 for the glue used for toys, and the boards that they use to produce Toys and Stationery comprise of SGS and other test reports.

Sustainability over Profitability: Partnership with FSC certified suppliers- For Panther, production is not always linked to gaining high-profit margins. They are mindful of conducting business while ensuring the wellbeing of the environment and society. The boards and paper used for the production of educational toys are customarily imported from China, Indonesia, and India. However, priority is given to the suppliers who are FSC certified. Panther selects the raw materials meticulously, scrutinizing the dust content of the material, to ensure that they are neither hazardous to the environment nor pose any dire health effects for the employees.

Educational toys & puzzles: More than for mere merriment – Panther educational products are designed and developed based on the advice of leading educational practitioners and child psychologists in the country. Being the sole manufacturer of paper-based Puzzles in Sri Lanka, Panther has inculcated the concept of “Innovation through trendsetting”, where they emphasize that these board games and puzzles are not merely for the entertainment of the children, but also to ingrain knowledge in them. With the aspiration of attaining this goal, Panther has created the option for the child to scan the QR code once the puzzle is completed and get more information related to the animal, bird, or place depicted in the puzzle.

Growth through “passion for color and design”- Upon attaining the goal of being certified as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in December 2017, Panther gradually started to expand their products into the foreign market. Their key marketing strategy is to give attention to innovative ideas, color, and design to captivate the target consumers while encouraging their employees to practice the 5S system due to the growing demand for companies that follow such practices in the foreign market.

Panther has been involved in small-scale exports to different parts of the world since the year 2000. The United Arab Emirates, The Seychelles Islands, and Singapore are on top of the list of their prestigious clientele. The Founder of Panther, Nihal Athukorala, discerned a gap in the market for stationery with quality and design, which encouraged him to diversify the scope of his business to paper-based educational products.

Since Panther is a budding organization that embraces novel opportunities, we at SL@100 have the absolute confidence that partnering with our team would support them to expand their business, broaden their revenue streams, and ultimately lead them to be a globally recognized brand.

“As a family company we had run in to a road block in how to move the company in to the next level of growth. With the downtime due to the pandemic, we were able to understand our daily processes. And this was the exact time we got to work with SL@100 to unleash our potential by discovering what internal and external process changes we need to make to move in to this next level.” – Nihal Athukorala, Director.

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