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ISSO - The diner that has made Sri Lankans’ taste buds crave for the authentic flavor of “Prawns”

2021 අගෝස්තු 19

ISSO - The diner that has made Sri Lankans’ taste buds crave for the authentic flavor of “Prawns”
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Sri Lanka@100 is happy to partner with “ISSO”, an authentic restaurant specialized in prawn-centric...

Sri Lanka at 100 is happy to partner with “ISSO”, an authentic restaurant specialized in prawn-centric cuisine, as one of our Associate companies. We are closely working with the restaurant, that revolves around the concept of “It’s-all-about-prawns”, to, identify key gaps in their business model and processes and position the company for accelerated growth.

There has always been more to ‘prawns’- Following its launch, back in the year 2016 in Sulaiman Terrace- Colombo, the founder of ISSO, Mr Apinash Sivagumaaran transformed this humble business into a household name, through the authentic Sri Lankan flavors he and his dedicated team have introduced to prawn dishes. For them, it has never been about gaining popularity among the locals at the snap of a finger, but remembering their humble beginnings, while ensuring they provided the best steaming prawn dish in town to their valued customers. As means of business expansion, ISSO has opened a new branch in Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Battaramulla.

The team ISSO operates with a sense of care and duty towards the people who assisted them from ground zero, and the people who constantly crave their best-made-prawn dishes. The inner circle of ISSO, or rather the core team that pulls the business forward is called “ISSO-Pisso”, which loosely translates to “Prawn-crazy” in the local language. The culture at ISSO is built on team spirit and inspired by the core values; Pride, Passion, Courage, Integrity, and Family.

Inspired by the prawn-gourmands- ISSO’s management believes that access to high-quality research could help realize their ambitious growth plans. It took them little effort to conduct a brief research to find out the die-hard prawn fans who are willing to drive miles just to devour the juicy sea food. The inspiration of establishing an identity using the concept of prawns started as means of driving the love of the majority for prawns a notch higher. It paved the way to create a “Cult” for their customers who have a common love for prawns, regardless of their age, income, or class.

Pleasing the local taste palettes- Even though prawns are relatively expensive in comparison to other seafood items, ISSO has succeeded in reintroducing prawns as an accessible, affordable to many, and freshly-made quick food option. Their secret has been to the ability to customize the dishes to suit customer preferences and local taste palettes. ISSO’s menu includes a range of signature, flavorful dishes like:

  • Starters – Tempura Isso, Isso Toast, Batter Fried Isso, Coconut Crumbed Isso,

  • Combos- One Night in Wan Chai, Teriyaki Drift

  • Value Meals- Isso Biriyani, Isso Kottu, Isso Burger Prawn, Spaghetti, Shrimp Broth

  • Salads And Soups

  • Kids Meals

  • A Selection of Desserts and Beverages

The customers have the option of dining in, curb-side drive-through, take away or having the dishes delivered with the affirmation of 100% hygiene and safety, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Equal emphasis for cuisine and ambience- ISSO is unique from the rest of the restaurants because of the manner in which their chefs  slice the prawns and sprinkle the local herbs and spices to accentuate the taste of the authentic prawn dishes. In addition, they have also given great prominence to the interior setup of the restaurant, by creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers. ISSO restaurant has also created a separate space for youngsters to hang out while allowing them to enjoy on the ISSO specialties. The walls of the restaurant are painted with vibrant colors and sketches of seafood, giving an ultimate sense of belonging and welcome to its customers. The property features an open dine in area, two private rooms, and 9-hole mini golf course for adults/kids.

Growing through the art of culinary presentation-

By capturing the die-hard prawn fans in Sri Lanka, ISSO has gradually opened up for franchise opportunities in both Sri Lanka and beyond. Their key strategy is to bring people together, by offering a wide variety of irresistible prawn dishes. ISSO is looking forward to working with Sri Lanka@100 l to expand its revenue streams and be a globally recognized “prawn-” brand.

“Like many other businesses, ours too witnessed a drop in performance due to the pandemic. Sri Lanka@100 is a great program that has given growing businesses like ours the opportunity to access webinars, tools to tweak our business functions, access to experienced, data-backed advice, and hope. They analyzed all our departments, gave us advice on our strategy, and are currently helping us with our growth goals. Working with the team at Sri Lanka@100 is giving us an insight into how a focused team, who have an organized way of doing things work – which we hope to learn from. ISSO is grateful to be a part of this program and we look forward to hitting our goals in the coming years with their help.” – Apinash Sivagumaaran CEO/ Founder Isso Restaurants Pvt Ltd.

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