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Global Wavenet is a leader in delivering powerful enterprise-level software, systems and infrastructure solutions for wireless and wireline telecommunication carriers in South America, Africa and the Asia Pacific. Wavenet has long-standing expertise working with multinational enterprises around the world, and our award-winning technology solutions portfolio assists Wavenet clients to stay ahead in the market and gain a competitive edge while optimizing revenue and ROI.

Sri Lanka@100 Impact & Outcomes Achieved

Today, we have gone beyond the shores of Sri Lanka, and operate in 23+ countries, and in extremely diverse markets from South America to Central America, and Africa. We have covered continents like Asia and the far Pacific. It has been a journey of learning and growth, of understanding and finding our place in the world. Our largest projects have been in South America, where we deployed some large scale projects for some operators. We have done some similar projects in Africa and Asia. We worked with two of the largest operators in Thailand. We are a company that is focused on our skills and the capabilities of our products. We don’t want to be identified by a product, we want to be identified as a solution. Our vision right now is to revolutionize digital transformation in telecommunications, and we are ensuring that we are well positioned in meeting the demands of a 5G world.

Our Story

Meet the Leadership

"Growing exponentially"

"Stax (Sri Lanka@100) has the experience and capability to guide businesses through that process. So, with their support I believe we can fine tune the company so that we will be able to grow exponentially."

Suren Pinto

CEO, Founder, Wavenet


Wavenet has a bold ambition to revolutionize the digital transformation in the telecommunications sector and the company is well positioned to play an impactful role with their significant experience working with leading telco providers across multiple regions. Our work with Wavenet is aimed at optimizing the company's sales model to accelerate the growth of new solutions such as ahasa, which is a Cloud-based platform that enables telecommunications service providers to integrate and operate containerized applications using Kubernetes.

Driving the digital transformation of telcos