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Randeepa Agrarian

As a pioneer of agricultural mechanization, Randeepa Agrarian is committed to providing efficient machinery supported by state-of-the-art sales care.

Sri Lanka@100 Impact & Outcomes Achieved

Based in the agricultural hub of Polonnaruwa, Randeepa Agrarian has a keen understanding of the farmer and land. Our mission has been to provide total agricultural solutions to the farming community. We started with hand tractors and developed agri machinery, and then moved into cultivators, four-wheel tractors, combining harvesters and related machinery. The R&D arm of the company is constantly in touch with local farmers in an effort to introduce the latest technology, thereby empowering the farming community with mechanization to ease a shortage of manpower.

Our Story

Meet the Leadership

"Growth and success, today"

"It is an exciting prospect as we feel we’re on-board the ship to success. With Sri Lanka@100, we have the opportunity to do what we had expected to do in the future, today. It offers an immediate pathway towards growth and success."

Dimuthu Chandike

Chairperson and Managing Director, Randeepa Agrarian


The company is on a quest to become a leading farming solutions provider in the local agriculture sector and empower the farming community by introducing new technologies and driving mechanization. To enable the company's growth plans Sri Lanka@100 conducted a deep dive assesment to generate insights on the unmet needs of the farming community and identify new products and solutions to cater to their needs.

Enabling the transformation of agriculture through technology