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Greenfield Bio Plantations

Greenfield Bio is a pioneer of organic and fair-trade certified grower, processor and exporter of certified organic Ceylon teas, spices, herbs, fruits & superfoods. Including wellness Infusions, coconut products, and plant-based meat alternatives (jackfruit).

Sri Lanka@100 Impact & Outcomes Achieved

In 1990, we stumbled upon this opportunity to work with a phenomenal tea garden in Haputale, Sri Lanka. It was an estate in need of love; and was also about the same time that we were determined to return to farming and doing it organically.

We were bewildered by how our grandparents lived – very healthy and well. Their lifestyle was simple and Mother Nature provided them with abundance for all of their needs. It was a great sustainable way of life.

Nostalgic having grown up in tea gardens and being a descendent of these people, we set foot on Greenfield in 1990 as a personal odyssey to transform it into a sustainable organic oasis and paint its people with smiles. While also working with smallholder farms and their own farms and tea gardens.

Our Story

Meet the Leadership

"Going international"

"I’m grateful for this platform at a time when the country has implemented a national policy for organic agriculture. We need expertise to efficiently implement farm-to-table concepts in international markets."

Durka Chellaram

Managing Director, Greenfield Bio Plantations


The company worked with Sri Lanka@100 to strengthen its finance division and identify the gaps and potential recommendations to address these gaps. Post a detailed analysis of the company's existing processes and practices of its finance function, Sri Lanka@100 and the consultants assigned to the project, were able to strengthen the overall finance processes and governance structure of the company.

Streamlining Financial Operations