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Global Vinyl

Global Vinyl (Pvt) Limited, better known as GVL, was incorporated in 2001, and is the pioneer of synthetic leather manufacturing in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka@100 Impact & Outcomes Achieved

Global Vinyl (Pvt) Limited, better known as GVL was incorporated in 2001, is the pioneer of synthetic leather manufacturing in Sri Lanka. Having opened its state of the art production facilities, in 2003 to produce a range of Vinyl flooring, sheeting and synthetic leather. These cover a broad range of industries such as footwear manufacturing, bag manufacturing, upholstery, domestic flooring, vehicle upholstery.

Our Story

Meet the Leadership

"Exciting prospects"

"Sri Lanka@100 is an exciting prospect. Many family businesses don’t get professional help, and much action stems from gut decisions or private discussions. The Sri Lanka@100 initiative offers an outside perspective on the business to see what works and what doesn’t. We’re looking forward to collaborating and seeing how we can take the business to the next level."

Ganendran Kumaraswamy

Director, Global Vinyl


Global Vinyl is a leading provider of luxury vinyl flooring soutions, which is a viable alternative to ceramic tile and in the last five years that is as good as or even better than ceramic tiles. Sri Lanka, there is an awareness problem. In general, those constructing buildings are looking for ceramic tiles. My vision is to change that mindset for vinyl to be a preferred alternative. We also have plans to diversify the business into other areas. Strengthening GVL's positioning through the suitable sales channels

Sales Optimization Strategy