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D. D. Atukorala Group

Atukorala Group is an award-winning diversified company operating in Pitigala, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka@100 Impact & Outcomes Achieved

A business founded ninety-plus years ago, D. D. Atukorala Group (Pvt.) Ltd. has long since evolved from a small bakery shop in the 1920s, to become the largest bakery products supplier, retail store, and cinema operator in Kegalle. A family business that has transitioned to a third-generation today, the group owns and operates the largest hypermarket—of 50,000 square feet—in the town of Kegalle, and has ambitious plans for growth.

Our Story

Meet the Leadership

"Access to crucial expertise"

"We are learning to look at our business from an all-new perspective. The Stax team has helped us identify the areas that we need to focus on and develop in the immediate short-term, if we are to achieve our long-term objectives. As a result of this partnership, we have access to expertise that is crucial in improving our operations, products and services."

Panduka Atukorala

Director, D. D. Atukorala Group


DD Atukorala Group has witnessed several transformations over its nearly 100-year history with operations in the retail and restaurants space. Sri Lanka@100 is closely working with the company to create a Purpose-driven organization and expand its retail business outside the Kegalle district with hyper-market stores in urban areas.

Creating a Purpose-driven organization with renewed focus on growth