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Webinar: ENHANCING BUSINESS REACH — Access To Finance, Markets, And Technology

2021 පෙබ 2

This webinar—including a keynote speech and three breakout sessions—focused on providing practical workarounds and suggestions for building back better—including a stimulating fireside speech, as well as breakout sessions with actionable insights.


Keynote Chat: Dr. Ratna Sahay, Deputy Director, Monetary and Capital Markets, IMF 

  • Breakout Session 1 - Access to Finance - Avenues to Raise Capital: Sidath Kalyanaratne, CFA, Director, Assetline & Orzu Matyakubova and Jaikanth Sivasamy, Palladium Group Representatives

  • Breakout Session 2 - Access to Markets – Opportunities in Neighboring Markets: Anushka Wijesinha, Economist and International Consultant

  • Breakout Session 3 - Access to Technology – Increasing Use of ICT by SMEs: Helani Galpaya, CEO, LIRNEasia

Event details


Event Details


2021 පෙබරවාරි 2


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