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Seminar: Kegalle capacity building event

2021 සැප් 29

Sri Lanka@100’s very first capacity building event was hosted in conjunction with the Kegalle Chamber of Commerce and over 40 companies from the region attended the seminar titled “Growth through Focus.” The Keynote Address was delivered by Kegalle MP and State Minister for Regional Cooperation, the Hon. Tharaka Balasuriya.

Event details


Event Details


2021 සැප්තැම්බර් 29


Event Testimonials

"Development can come in many forms. We don’t have to only undertake massive ‘hard development’ projects like building dams or roads. Building global brands and businesses that can help Sri Lanka shine—that kind of intangible development is also crucial. You can all help make that happen."

Dr. Kumudu Gunasekera

Sri Lanka@100 Platform Co-Founder